How do I buy or sell items on BotBay?

Selling Items:

If you would like to sell some items we would love to add them to the website. All you need to do is email us the following information at 

  1. A picture of the item you want to sell. (A separate picture for each item)
  2. Description of the item.
  3. Whether it is new or used.
  4. The price you want it listed as.
  5. Your contact name and email. Note, your email will be hidden from the listing and only shows when the link is chosen to contact you directly.
  6. Also, please do not use our "Contact Us" email directly from the website because it's not currently setup to attach pictures.

Buying Items:

If you would like to purchase an item, then choose the contact name, and you will be directed to the email of the individual selling the item. Contact them directly about the purchase and they will make the arrangements with you.

BotBay is only a forum for connecting individuals to items that other individuals want to sell. We are not responsible for the quality or condition of the item. The shipping and exchange of money is between individuals only, not